Industrial IT  Services

On the basis of long experience, deep knowledge and technical knowhow in the emerging technologies, we are providing our best services to our clients in this field.

Customize Business Solutions

We have also specialized technical expertise in the field of BI Solutions. There are various companies are using different other platform, but almost all companies in Pakistan looking forward for emearging technology and we are providing our services to all types of BI Solutions.

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UPS & Solar System Solutions 

We are designed to meet the unique needs of our customer. The system is comprised of solar panels, mounting structure, inverters and after sunset backup system through battery bank. Our engineering staff will perform an on-site consultation to determine the best size, mounting arrangement, and positioning for your system. Each client is presented with a detailed design and installation plan once this analysis is complete.

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IP Phones, PABX and Internet Services

We possess specialized technical expertise in the realm of IP Phones and PABX Solutions. We also collaborate with various ISP companies to offer tailored solutions and services for Internet and Data Solutions for our corporate clients.

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Design Network Infrastructure and Equipments.

An effectively planned and consistently upheld network infrastructure is essential to ensure smooth communication, data exchange, and the overall operational efficiency of contemporary enterprises. Our expertise lies in the realm of Network Infrastructure and Maintenance. We excel in designing and implementing network layouts, as well as furnishing network equipment and configurations.

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Data Center, Physcial or Virtual Servers, Installation and Maintainince

We possess specialized technical proficiency in Data Center Solutions. Our services encompass a diverse selection of Physical and Virtual Servers solutions, with installation and configuration of DC, ADC, File Server, Application Servers and Print Server functionalities. Additionally, we cater to our corporate clients by offering Microsoft License products.

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